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Whey Protein Shakes - Do You Know The Best Whey Protein Shake For Weight-Loss As Well As For Gaining Weight?

Whey protein shakes are consumption beverages made with whey protein, a substance that contains the greatest amounts of protein among protein drinks on the fitness market. Whey is the result of changing milk to cheese and can be used to reduce craving for food and the ingestion of foods high in saturated fats. Whey shakes include the mixing of protein powder (two scoops) into a drink and come in some flavors: (1) vanilla, (2) chocolate, or (3) strawberry. If you want, you can mix fruit juices in your drinks- even orange juice or strawberry juice! Whey shakes allow you to have a little of what you want together with whey, a much healthier supply of protein than much of what is ingested by the average person on the market today. Two whey protein shakes amounts to a normal course meal.

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The best whey protein weight loss shake is a drink that mixes protein powder along with a mixture of fruit. Probably the most recommended brands by Runners World online is the Balanced Diet shakes which come pre-made from the package.

Whey protein is curdled milk and high in amino acids. It is a weight-raiser, along with milk. Next, the sugar content makes whey shakes best. Sugar increases body weight, no matter the person, and provides an energy rush whilst doing so. Though saturated fats can easily pour on the pounds, it is advisable to go with unsaturated fats. They are much simpler to take off should you want to shed the weight again than saturated fat.

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Whey protein side effects of protein shakes cover (1) Osteoporosis, (2) Kidney stones, (3) Ketosis, (4) Dehydration, and (5) lactose complications. Protein shakes are extremely acidic, and enough acid in the blood begins to eliminate calcium in the bones. Osteoporosis is caused by weakness in the bones and can result in all sorts of limb fractures such as a hip fracture. Kidney stones are caused when calcium ingestion accumulates in the blood stream. These can be hard to go by way of urination and can create a painful experience for the person involved. Ketosis occurs when the body, full of protein, lacks a sufficient carbohydrate base from which to get its energy. The protein then becomes a carbohydrate replacement for the body. This state is called "starvation mode," because meats and starches are good sources of carbohydrates for the body.

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Dehydration can also occur with high-protein consumption. People who consume more whey protein drinks must ingest above one-hundred ounces of water each day (the minimum standard required is eight glasses). Lastly, food allergies can occur for the person who is lactose intolerant. Whey protein consists of much lactose, so it is not good for someone of this condition to consume whey protein. The best suggestion in this state is the whey protein isolate drinks, which only have about 1% or less than 1% of whey protein. There are whey protein drinks which have no lactose ingredient at all. To prevent these side effects, you should restrict your whey protein ingestion to no more than 40 grams per serving.

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Whey protein shakes are a great substitute for drinks rich in saturated fat. Though they are valued for their protein, they can become lethal if you do not limit your protein intake for each meal. The best whey shake and smoothie diets are those that learn how to exercise, eat healthy, and moderate their protein consumption.

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